Interview # 2 – with Clemency Wells, Press Officer at Reprieve

Clemency_wells_BW_by_E_Purdon_jpg_240x360_q85What do you do? 

As press and communications officer at Reprieve I work with journalists on
stories about the issues and cases we work on (assisting people facing
the death penalty or victims of human rights abuses in the so-called
‘war on terror’) and help journalists with anything they might need
like background and quotes. I also work on more long term and/or
creative projects that highlight the cases and issues we work on, for
example videos or documentaries.

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

It is completely compelling work with some of the most intelligent and
inspiring lawyers in the world. But what motivates me in particular is
people – helping to tell the stories of the most vulnerable and
marginalised individuals who are facing the might of the State is
fascinating and, to be corny, quite a privilege.

What do you see as some of the biggest challenges facing our generation?

Political extremism – and reactionism – of all sorts; unchecked State
power; prejudice.

Do you see your work  (directly or indirectly) as trying to address some of those problems and if so, how?

Reprieve does a lot to directly counter these – by taking on legal
cases against the State on behalf of some of the most vulnerable
individuals we provide a check on State power. And by telling
compelling narratives that are from the perspective of those less
powerful, and less listened to, than you might often hear.

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